I can’t. 

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We all have that one hijab

the one and only

it sits in the back and wonders

why you forgot it

and one day you remember it

so you pull it out

and then just as quickly

you put it back, disgusted

because it ugly af

-A memoir

So yesterday, it was time for Dhuhr so I’m like when you guys wanna it’s time for prayer. I didn’t think this through very well since there was four people needing to make wudhu and only one restroom. But everyone waited and we all prayed together. I was hoping he would lead but his dad did *tear* but he looked so perf making duaa when we finished it was proper mashaaAllah. I had to creep a little.




Marry him.

sahar is so cute, mashaaAllah


My husband and I both have doctoral degrees; he earned one degree and I earned two. But written correspondence from friends, family, and community organizations is almost invariably addressed to “Dr. and Mrs.”

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zdeem said: omg i step out for a few months and suddenly you’re out about to get married. (pls come to the yasmin mogahed thing I WILL BE THERE iA)

tbh we’ve known each other for a while now, i finally decided to give him a chance and he met my mom, that went well so we had both of our families meet. It’s good tho, because we were already friends/acquaintances, so it makes things easier. 

i really wanna go, i’m just waiting for someone else to say they’re going so they can give me a ride there ._. 

and my mom really likes him so she commented how she really wanted to hug him (but knew she couldnt) and his mom is like you’ll be able to when they get married (the way my mom explained it was much cuter bc i wasnt in the room so she filled me in) so I mean

yeah she probs likes me if she’s entertaining the idea

So the family meeting went well alhamdulillah. A little awkward, but good. Him and I were downstairs looking at pictures and his mom and mine got to talking about everything and when he came back upstairs our mom’s we’re all “sooo what’s next???” jokingly. And my mom said she thinks his mom likes me even though I was p quiet and socially awkward.